Monday, January 31, 2011

A Requested Update

So, Custom Sims 3 is still having technical difficulties. I had a set of Disney posters I had posted in 3 chunks over there with the Goth Poster mesh, the one with the pins in it, 7 posters per set, but sadly because of the way the files were created, you could only have a single image overlay per .package. Then I got a request to post a new link to those and I wanted to, but I also wanted to make them BETTER. I got a prototype SORT OF working, but nothing I felt comfortable sharing and had about given up.

Then I started chatting with Eric from Baufive, who has done some fabulous stuff about another project he'd done and he shared with me a reworking of the Goth Poster mesh that can have multiple overlays.

So, they're back and they're like new and they're better than ever because now, if you had them before or you're seeing them for the first time, all 21 of my classic Disney posters in one handy dandy file (.sims3pack or .package, of course).

Anyways, yes, they're pretty much the same as the first time I did them, so, they should look pretty much the same. Same TOU as usual--be kind, rewind, sharing is caring, but don't put 'em where they don't belong.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No Soup Cans Here, Some Andy Warhol Art

So, for the past few days I haven't had internet. I also had a day or 2 off. Since I didn't have anything else to do, I started digging around in the piles of .jpgs I have stashed in folders just for the purpose of creating stuff for my sims to have.

The first thing I dug out was some Andy Warhol prints that I really like. Not his iconic Marilyn Monroes or Campbell's soup cans, I like those, but I really enjoy some of his other works like the "25 Cats Named Sam" and some of his other kind of quirky designs.

Just a little pop for your culture. I'd say it was nothing special, but that's not quite true. ;oP

(in .package or .sims3pack)