Tuesday, June 4, 2013

tumblr & me.

Just a note, I do have a tumblr now.  I've found it a little easier to keep current with stuff that way.  I'm terrible at blog posts, I mostly just ramble.

So, I will probably get around to posting things here again, but I will also be posting them to:


It's a lot of pics of my gameplay mostly, but I did share a lot today, and maybe I'll share some other things there, too.  I kind of hate being all over the place, sharing things willy-nilly, but I'm naturally absent-minded.  :sigh:

So, maybe you'll follow me there.  The one thing I really love about tumblr is that it is active and dynamic.  :shrug:

We'll see what comes next, I'm still pretty busy with 2 active young kids.
But I'm trying a little harder right now to not lose track of things I enjoy doing for me.
Like sims.