Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hooray! New Stuff!

I finally have a new update! Woo!
Today, I have a bunch of paintings on Beryl's "Leaves" mesh. Lots of cool stuff there, worth a peek. La Buhardilla de Beryl.
However, I must say, since most artists tend to release pairs of themed works instead of clusters of 4, this was a bit of a challenge finding 4 corresponding works by the same artist in a theme. Not impossible, and I certainly could go another round or 2 and manage, but initially it was a little complicated. Because of that, there are works by a fairly wide variety of artists here, and I do want to give them the credit for the beautiful pieces that they created. I don't know all of them because I couldn't find info for them (but liked them too much to pass up), but I'll give you what I know.

So, here goes. We're going to go top left clockwise around. ;o)
1) Swan Papel
2) Teri Jonas
3) Tandi Venter
4) ???
5) Qwerties?
6) Tandi Venter
7) Don Li-Leger
8) Kate Knight
9) Erica J Vess
10) Don Li-Leger
11) Katie Pertiet
12) ???

Sorry, I don't have all of the info.
Oh, and in case those weren't enough (because they aren't), I have some other previews a little closer.
Available as a package or sims3pack, all paintings are in the same file.

Thanks for stopping by!
As usual, my TOU is pretty basic: play nice, be fair, etc. ;o)


  1. I LOVE these! Really nice variety of styles and colors. Thanks so much!

  2. Everything is so beautiful The patterns are amazing..I'm so happy I found you on this Blog..Thank-you for sharing your site