Saturday, March 26, 2011

YAY! CS3 is back!

Okay, so it didn't EXACTLY go anywhere, but Custom Sims 3 was slowly falling apart due to some code errors and etc, but Regina has finally gotten the new forum up and running and has closed the old site down. Because of the types of issues that were happening, she couldn't just port all of the info straight over, so it is effectively a new forum entirely. If you HAD registered with the old CS3, please re-register. I and the other creators over there will be re-uploading all files that had been at the old site. Some of us are quicker than others, I've been pretty slow about getting mine done.

I will probably continue to post much of my stuff in both my section there and this blog, since that helped me not lose the stuff the last time...that and there doesn't seem to be tons of overlap between CS3 and people who catch my stuff here.

Anyways, not a big deal, I'm just happy to see my other home back up and running the way it should and I will have to plug away at getting my stuff re-posted there. At least I haven't been TOO prolific lol.

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