Friday, December 16, 2011

Feria Colors Set 1

Okay. Yes, I've been gone a while...again.
I'm sorry. I have stuff for you today, though. Not big stuff, but stuff I've sort of been meaning to do for a while.

Hair colors.

So, you have Anubis's presets.
Maybe you have MissBonBon's Pooklet presets, too.
You may also have the bright colors from last year's GOS Advent that Moriye did.
There are surely others. I know I have quite a few color presets added to my game.

But there are never enough lol.
Not if I want my sims to look even more...well...not like bin sims with EA preset colors.

So, yes, I know you can do this yourself. Go ahead. Be my guest. I'd probably download them, too.
But I sat down with Feria dye swatches and a color picker...and I made more colors.
Feria colors. Not natural colors, though SOME people have SOME of these colors in real life. But I don't know many people with naturally plummy hair.

As I said, I didn't do anything you couldn't.

But I did it already, so why should you have to?

These ARE in .sims3pack, I'm sorry you have to open the stupid launcher for this.
There are 12 here. Feria has 36...or thereabouts...shades. You can do math. I hope. I didn't do all of them. I call this Set 1.

You've seen my track record lately though.
Oh, and I don't have internet 90% of the time lately. Stupid internet.
We'll see if I do more of these or not.

Don't hold your breath. Unless you hate air.
DOWNLOAD instead.


  1. Excellent!!!! Thanks, Spacerox!!!

  2. thank you for these they are lovely!

  3. Chocolate Cherry is my hair colour - straight out of the bottle - thankyou *kiss*

  4. HI! can you upload the link for donwload pls? ^_^

  5. I know this is a few years old, but the file is missing. If you reupload, I'd download in a heartbeat!

  6. Has anyone found this download anywhere??

  7. i have them if it's okay i will reupload them

  8. Hey, guys, I'm so sorry this got eaten up. Mediafire sent me an email that they'd removed it (because I used the Feria name) due to copyright infringement and that "if I persisted, they action, blah blah blah." I'm looking for the files, I don't have ready access to the hard drive they were on anymore and I think I saved them elsewhere, but I'm looking.

  9. Okay, I got lucky. I had saved them in a file on my Drive, so despite not being able to really get to the hard drive with these on it, I did still have them. I've fixed the link, removed the name from the file on mediafire so that hopefully this doesn't happen again, and I'll try to check in more often in the future.