Monday, August 29, 2011

A different kind of life.

Um...sorry. I kind of dozed off there for a few months.

Phew, but am I SLEEPY.

I've been rather busy and I hate to think I've abandoned the blog for this long, but life has been crazy. Between my job and getting my little one ready for kindergarten, the summer just flew and when I had time off, I couldn't sit down on the couch without zonking out. Hormones. Phuarg. What a bother.

I have done SOME stuff. Over at CS3 in the Lots part of my section, I have done some renovations of some community lots like Le Petit Shark and the Sunnyside Strand, that ugly blue pool and the empty strip of beach below the Wolff place.

I've also taken to emptying out EA's houses, polishing 'em up and changing up the terrible color choices and then posting them as empty lots, ready to jump in and decorate. I have done some minor rebuild work on a few, nothing you couldn't do in a pinch yourself, I'm not much of a builder, but I was doing these for myself initially to give me some empty cleaned out lots to play with and decided I could share too, and that if it saved someone an hour of fixing non-recolorable fences and staircases and pools-that-should-be-fountains and toning down terrible color schemes so that you can live with them until you decide exactly what colors you want to put in there for yourself...well, that's an hour saved. They still have kitchen counters and bathroom fixtures and lighting, they're not entirely barren, but there should be no store content in any of them and most of them are base game only (though patched) that I've released to this point. I have a few more in progress, so if you like what's there, I've got some on the way, too.

Those are in the Lots area over there as well, the few I've done so far.

I'll maybe post better pictures and alternate links here soon since there's a limit on image size at CS3 for forum storage's sake.

And now back to getting my kid ready for school. At least I generally get a few hours of quiet in the afternoon that I've been able to do SOMETHING.

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