Friday, April 2, 2010

More Gradient Clothing

Okay, so I said I would and I did.
I've got some more stuff, including some stuff for the guys.

First off, I have the Teen Female Gradient stuff, same as the adult versions, jeans and the pencil skirt.

Then, for the teen guys, I imported the alpha layer of the "rock" career jeans to have some more options, then gave them a ragged and a regular jean with the gradient technique.

Because they already had the rock jeans for Adults, I just added some more color regions and added gradients for the adult males in ragged and regular.

Also, I'd like to thank Brian (aka Breanni) of for allowing me to use his pet images for creation purposes here. I was a Warcraft player for about 5 years and while I don't play anymore, I rather miss my critter collection. I'll probably do some wall art or something with some of the pets as well, and I'm working on a tee set for the ladies, but haven't completed it yet.

As usual, play nice, especially no Exchange with the tees, but feel free to use them. Thanks for stopping by.

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