Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stupid...grumble grumble.

Okay, so it doesn't seem like it's everyone, but some people are having issues with the trellis. I intend to take a look at it, but I'm not entirely sure how to fix it. I've gotten a suggestion or 2, I'll just have to take a little time to mess with it.

If you're one of those that are having problems with this object, I sincerely apologize. It's not a game breaker but it's not working as advertised and that's frustrating to you as the downloader and me as the creator. I'll try to have a fix up soon, but it may take a day or 2 as I'm really busy atm.

Sorry about the issues, sorry about the wait. I'm learning a lot of this as I go, so I hope you can bear with me as I learn.

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