Monday, October 29, 2012

In my game: The Odds

I have a house full of Supernatural sims, I named the Household The Odds because they're all strange and they're kind of a bunch of odds and ends.
 Minnie Shae is a witch.  She's proper and shy, clumsy, a gatherer, and family-oriented.
Ashk Helenia is (rather obviously) a fairy and is nurturing, brave, loves animals, loves the outdoors and she is also disciplined.
Callie Rufus is a werewolf.  Callie's a flirt and afraid of commitment, she's outdoorsy and friendly and a bit of a party animal. Emphasis on the animal.
Vivian Corbie is mean spirited, dramatic, and has no sense of humor. She is a genius and virtuoso, though.
Bobo was the first pet in the house and he's still king of the place.
Then there's Agnes D and her cloned kitten, Ellie.

Pretty moon over the point. 
And Callie's a mime, working her way through the Acrobat career, too...had I mentioned that?

I don't really write stories, but I may occasionally post some pics and captions, I have a backlog of pics from various saves and I may sometimes share what they might be up to.

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