Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Sunset vI Empty

*Just for clarity, this is Version 1.  I intend to keep working on this world and making corrections as they're needed, but I wasn't as clear as could be when I originally posted this.  This is Version 1, I have been play-testing with no obvious issues in my own game for some time, but this is still a world in testing and development and there may be some fixes and changes made in future versions.  I don't say this to discourage you from downloading, but if you choose to download, I just want you to know that there will be things that I will probably be correcting as I find them.*

This is the empty world for my Sunset Valley CAW edits that I did for myself.  It's called New Sunset. I realize this isn't terribly exciting, lots of people have Sunset Valley rehashes, but SOMEONE might find it useful.  It has a handful more lots, some of the weird sized lots have been replaced with more standard sizes.  I got rid of the palm trees.  Essentially, I just tried to make it more useful for myself, particularly with Seasons coming.

Mostly, it's updated with this:
Up where the military base used to be, there are now 2 64x64 lots, 3 40x40, 2 50x50, 1 40x60, and 3 30x40 lots.

Since I use a modified version of the Showtime Art Gallery in mine, I've used the billboard heading up there that features the picture of the same.

I moved a lot of stuff around, I tried to leave the general feel of the world intact, but I did change out some stuff.
One of the 60x60 lots, the one that is empty in base SV, I made that a 64x64 lot.

This lot near the waterfall is now a 30x40 and actually touches the road.  I wanted to go 40x40 or 40x50 but it cut into that steep hill and made the lot less usable anyways, so I left it a 30x40 that's flat to be at least pretty versatile.

Between the flowers and cypress, where the dome used to be, there is now a 50x50 lot next to where the Science Center lot is in base SV.  I plan on using this space for some gardens or a park adjacent to whatever I choose to put there, it may still be the Science Center.

The palm trees are gone, as is the concrete wave fence, I added some bushes and firs into the landscape to complement the other rocky hillside which is covered in firs.

I did add a few other billboards around town, just because I wanted to.  ;o)

I also changed some of the lots out downtown.  The one where the school was placed is still there, but the matching sized lot that was Mirabella Plaza is now 3 20x30 lots, and the museum and gym lots and their partner-lots in their plot divisions have been turned into 4 30x40 lots.

I've also moved some other lots around, squeezed a few more in here and there, the grand total isn't MUCH more than it originally was, I think originally SV has 98 lots and mine has ballpark 115 now, but my town was bursting at the seams trying to rein in all of the lots added with each expansion. 

As I said, this is mostly for my own uses.  I won't be taking requests or anything, and I'd really rather not hear about disliking my choices of lot substitutions and things.  This isn't meant to sound mean or sensitive, but CAW isn't my forte and I genuinely am offering this because someone might like it or find it to be useful.  I've been playing in it and slowly building it for a while now, on a different version, but the only thing I changed between that version and this was I deleted the lots as I'm not ready to release anything with any lots added at this time.
If you find errors or issues with it, however, while it may take me some time to update, I am willing to fix problems that are found.  Hopefully there aren't many of those, as it IS an EA world and I didn't do THAT much to it, but if you find problems, do let me know about that.

There may be a released version with my lots of choice added, I'm a slow builder so most of the lots will probably just be redecoration of  houses from various expansions and worlds.  However, here's the empty version and if you like it, that's wonderful.  I hope you do.


  1. This is wonderful! Thank you. :) Sunset Valley was always my favourite World to play in!

  2. hi i really like this, now i wont have to worry for not having enough space for the lots that come with every expansion, but can you upload one with EA´S community lots that way it would be better for me and i would only have to put the houses.

  3. As I said in the text above, I'm not releasing a version with any lots at this time. This is largely because the lots I have are not release-ready but also because I have updated my game to the latest patch and have not updated CAW. I will be waiting to do so until after Seasons in case there are any major changes at that time.

    1. so if i download this world and load it once i have seasons all the community lots from all the EP that were before will install by themselves including the ones that come with seasons?

    2. No. Base game lots will not auto-install, and if the lot an EP lot is looking for isn't there, or has been changed to a different size or address, it also will not place. This is a GOOD thing, as where some of the lots auto-place aren't exactly the best place for them!

  4. Thanks so much for this. I think this is great as it is. I love this empty world. I'm not good at CAW or anything so I get to add my own sims to this. Thank you so much!

  5. You did a lovely job on this! As someone who has tried, and tried to get CAW to work, I know just how hard this was to do. Thanks so much for sharing. It will be a fun place in which to build.

  6. I appreciate the effort here. But iI have a question; while you worked on this in CAN Dostoyevsky fix the routing problems that were in the EA version of Sunset Valley?

  7. Flipping spell check! What I meant to ask is, did you fix the routing errors from Sunset Valley?

    1. I did try to catch any routing issues that I knew about from the original SV. When I do my post-seasons work on it, after the tools are updated and things, I'll try to go in and make some more fixes. I do intend to release a further updated version of this world with or without lots, that's why this one is Version 1, so I will look for a more complete list of routing issues and see if there are some that I missed.

  8. I love what youve done with the place! thanks a lot.. Im always looking for decent world with enough lots, so this is perfect.

    And I especially love the revamped bits, like the old army base being converted into a USABLE space. WAY better.

    Besides with all the combo-rabbitholes, a lot of the original community lots have become obsolete, so this is perfect.


  9. Wonderful!
    I love Sunset Valley, but I have been always troubled by a problem lacking in lot. However, this problem will be settled by your wonderful world.

    By the way, I report it because I found a thing like the malfunction.
    I wasn't able to put any Science Center lot. A Rabbit Hall disappears even if I copy existing Science Center lot.
    (Is there users that a similar problem produces elsewhere?)
    In addition, I hope that you check this problem to be able to play your wonderful Sunset Valley.

    Postscript... I wrote this report using machine translation. If it is unnatural English, I'm sorry.

    1. That's very strange. I've never had any issues with disappearing rabbit holes in this world on that lot or any other. I'm not sure at all what could be causing that. I apologize that it took me so long to reply, I've been very caught up in some real life stuff and haven't even been able to play my game since early November.

    2. Firstly I thank for having tested this matter very much while you are very busy.

      Then this strange trouble seems to be a problem peculiar to my PC.I try for troubleshooting again.

      I hope that your stuff is over, and you can enjoy play of Sims3.
      Thank you again for your kind support!

  10. Hello, I love this version of SV, esp. the Military area expanded. I hope when you update the version there would be addresses, cause when my sims move around, they say 'so called address' or something, which is not fun haha.

    I'd like to be surprised by more of your area expansion if any! Keep it up c:

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